The Difference Machine

The Difference Machine


Always up to something, N-Vitral continues to take his sound to the next level. And this time The Difference Machine proves no different. Hard hitting, dirty and most of all crunchy beats, ready for your consumption!

N-Vitral definitely chose to take the centre road with this one. 'Ten Ton Hammer', sounding exactly like you'd expect: straight on hardcore mechanics, pushing high decibels upon impact. Dance-floor machinery. Rudeness all the way, N-Vitral and Rude Awakening team up for their first joined venture. Lobotomizing kick drums, a 'Brainbomb'! Bitter fuel for the early morning brain cells. Continuing a more subtle, darker type of track: 'Komatron' is presented. Perfect to zoom in, ideal to trip along. It's haunting in its own way. A wake-up call for the masses. The silence before the storm... Suicide hardcore! A fitting closure to a release that already proved its hardcore attitude. With all the added snares and breaks, this track definitely brings light to the end of the tunnel. This is a suicide mission.

The Difference Machine is anything but a showroom product. Packaging 4 tracks: dirty, covered in grit and distortion. A brand new fix for the underground, delivering the N-Vitral crunch!


01. Ten Ton Hammer
02. Brainbomb (feat. Rude Awakening)
03. Komatron
04. Suicide Hardcore

T3RDM0208 | format: digital

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