The Future Life EP

The Future Life EP


A soundtrack of hope and energy to face the imminent. Behold, The Future Life EP by OMI! Mastering the fragile combination of hardcore kicks and melody, OMI turns the Spanish sun into a force of hardcore power.

OMI tracks keep on getting stronger by the release and this next chapter proves no less. Presenting an uplifting vibe that's bigger than life, OMI drops 'The future life'. Centering around a strong melody and steady percussion, this peak into the future will make you dance 'til you drop. A tune that picks you up and pulls you in. Straight into hardcore trance. 'Wake up' featuring Broken Minds delivers a more intense ride down hardcore central. Truly worth its flip-side shadow, don't let this beat catch you off guard. This is what mainstream sounds like! Strong and powerful, packing a catchy hook and giving it's all. Kicks to get you moving and melody to get you mental. A daily recipe worth taking!

A little melody never hurt anybody, so let's see how this overdose of keys turns out. íSalud! Featuring a kicking duo of dance-floor driven tracks The Future Life EP is a class of its own. OMI keeps on surprising, and this release definitely gets the adrenaline pumping. Wake up!


1. The Future Life
2. Wake up (feat. Broken Minds)

T3RDM0234 | format: Digital

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