The industry can't stop me - Promofile classic 006

The industry can't stop me - Promofile classic 006


At a time when the hardcore scene was reaching rock bottom, Promo's fresh productions gave the dancefloors a muchly needed boost. 'The industry can't stop me' is the perfect rendition of hard based melody featuring scorching rhythms. The message doesn't get clearer with 'The bad guy', a track that nowadays still gets the people moving like maniacs. With the biggest dealer of them all to stand up and embrace the melody and bass drums. 'So point your fucking fingers'' Both tracks on the flipside of Promo File 6 are co-productions, 'Battle of the sexes' is a follow-up to the earlier melodic production with Catscan while 'What u want' is a hard reproduction of a classic melody when Promo teamed up with Trickstyle.


A1. Promo - The industry can't stop me
A2. Promo - The bad guy
B1. Promo - Battle of the sexes
B2. Promo - What u want

T3RDM0086 | format: 12 inch

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