The Missing Chromosome

The Missing Chromosome

Promo & Unexist

Working together & also individually, these 2 highly acclaimed artists have come together with a pounding hit release. Featuring 'The missing chromosome' which has already received strong recognition from being included on Demoliltion 5. This track makes a strong & negative statement towards women, and is sure to rip holes thru speakers! Also featuring 2 individual versions of 'Stab your brain' an aggressive and extreme release, surely to be appreciated by the heavy hearted!


A1. Unexist & Promo - The missing chromosome
B1. Unexist & Promo - Stab your brain (Promo mix)
B2. Unexist & Promo - Stab your brain (Unexist mix)

T3RDM0076 | format: 12 inch

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