The Prophet

The Prophet

The Empire

With three entirely different, but uniquely powerful stories to tell, The Empire triumphantly returns to deliver an emotional whirlwind with his triple knockout EP!

An epical, aggressive and compelling tale begins with the title track as one man's desire to become "The Prophet" is told through gritty kicks and enlightened by the beauty of an echoing choir that instantly sets the mood for the entire release. The journey continues as he shows us what it's like to face our inner most fears! Be prepared for screeching leads coupled with a powerful and overwhelmingly angry atmosphere with "The Deal". Don't fret though, right when you are convinced that your soul has been collected by the Devil's reaper, melodical mayhem quickly ensues with the final track, "Musical Visions". Cesar shows off his dynamic versatility whilst staying true to his signature style, as he wills you to free your mind with an emotionally deep and uplifting melody that exposes his own true personal feelings about Hardcore, the freedom this music provides us with and the passion that he desires the listener to feel through his music.

The Prophets message is this; To preserve the real meaning of Hardcore through diversity.


1. The Prophet
2. The Deal
3. Musical Visions

T3RDM0222 | format: digital

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