The revolutionist - vinyl

The revolutionist - vinyl


In the slipstream of The Revolutionist release comes a special album sampler. Featuring 6 tracks taken straight from the album. This release closely reflects the two sided approach of the album, part dancefloor and part experimental. This vinyl definitely attracts attention, including the two mixes of 'The Revolutionist' and the track 'We got to advance'. Finishing the album sampler of is the co-op between Promo and Lenny Dee titled 'Down with nothing'. An infamous blend of intense delivered vocals with the unmistakable hardcore sound they've created together.


A1. Promo - The visionary
A2. Promo - The revolutionist
A3. Promo - The revolutionist (radical mix)
B1. Promo - Advanced scream
B2. Promo - We got to advance
B3. Promo & Lenny Dee - Down with nothing

T3RDM0099 | format: 12 inch

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