The Sicko Cell EP

The Sicko Cell EP


A triple kick-drum crush to hit new levels of loudness, 'The Sicko Cell EP'! Ranging from mildly strange to downright aggressive, N-Vitral unleashes a strong set of kicks for the hardcore massive.

Powered by industrial attitude and underground madness, your favorite form of audio destruction returns real and distorted. Hold on for disorder! 'Sicko cell', 'Such kick' and 'The evil earth' make up an EP fully loaded with energy. Each and every bit danceable, roaring from start to end. We're talking rolling drums until the point of no return. Securely programmed each and every percussion hit is marked for max impact. Merged aside, subtle lines of melody deliver added depth. Upbeat and void of pause, this release drums up N-Vitral beats in style. A proper warning is included: hold on tight!

Tunes for the deranged, the dance-floor crazed. Forward movements are at hand. N-Vitral brings a release packed with crisp hardcore extremities: The Sicko Cell EP.


01. Sicko Cell
02. Such Kick
03. The Evil Earth

T3RDM0220 | format: digital

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