The Therapy EP

The Therapy EP


Impending doom and unheard atmospheres, the new Mindustries chapter of sound!

Strangely accessible, and ever loud in effect. 'Therapy', 'The drumming', 'Flash flood', and 'Craftiest trick' mark the latest result of the dual mind driven core unit. Whether you're new to this subdivision of industrial hardcore, or constantly aching for fresh and provoking beats, Mindustries is your bitter taste of addiction. Thick kicks and dark hypnotizing layers of sounds, all programmed to perfection. Mindustrial sounds are at it again!

Four slices of pure and unmarked dance-floor experiments with one golden rule to follow: let the music speak for itself.


1. Mindustries - Therapy
2. Mindustries - The drumming
3. Mindustries - Flash flood
4. Mindustries - Craftiest trick

T3RDM0185 | format: 12inch

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