The vow

The vow


Open up the lab and get started. This is Promo Test #001! The first release on a new sub-label dedicated to hardcore and its future. So experiment and evaluate. Let's get back to being creative.

Representing the broad hardcore spectrum, this premiere Promo Test gets blood pumping. From melody to hardcore kick, along the mighty 4 to the floor to thrilling studio tricks. There's more than loudness to discover among this triplet of hardcore tunes; 'Enough talking' (featuring the talented Cyberwaste), 'The vow' and 'Copy paste' deliver the attitude. There's no denying. This movement is real.

There you go. With the first test results in, the consequence is clear: it's time for action! So let's cut the bullsh*t and start moving. Follow the Promo sound. Spread the word. Let the protest begin!


01. The Vow
02. Enough Talking (feat Cyberwaste)
03. Copy Paste

PROTEST001 | format: digital

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