The Worst of

The Worst of


Double album featuring 30 of the 'worst' tracks Promo produced in his already long carreer as a hardcore producer. Impressive collection of productions reaching from the high days of gabber to the introduction...


01. Phreak Ya Speaka
02. King of Pain
03. My Underground Madness
04. Beat Ya Brain
05. Life from the Other Side
06. Serious Damage
07. Kill the Noize
08. Running Against the Rulez
09. Bring it raw
10. Let the Bass Boom
11. Emotions over Anger
12. Procurer of the Cure
13. Fuck them Followers
14. Quite Hostile
15. Return to the Darkside

01. Hurricane Brain
02. Dancefloor Hardcore
03. I come Correct
04. Cold as Stone
05. The Bad Guy
06. Not Down with the Standard
07. Midnight impact
08. Undaground Wayz
09. Bullet from my Gun
10. Can't Hold me Down
11. Just a Feeling
12. No Commercial Sound
13. Up Yours
14. No Submission
15. Insane methodz

T3RDM0014 | format: 2CD

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