The worst of 2

The worst of 2


The second double disc Promo 'Worst of' collection is here! Titled 'The worst of 2', both discs are packed with tracks like 'Can you thrill me?', 'Fuck the rumours', 'Messin' with yo mind', 'The industry can't stop me' and the one that started it all 'Shut up!' A collector's vital piece and the perfect tool for cDJs. Silver is definitely the new gold, here's 2 CDs that tell the tale of gabber-nights and Promo-style future! BLURB 1 One of the first albums Promo released at The Third Movement was tentatively called 'The worst of'. Featuring a collection of full length tracks from both recent times and past glory days it made quite the impact. Today this release is sold-out blank and some people still wonder how they missed out. Well brace yourselves, it's about to get even worse! In the best possible way that is: 'The worst of 2' is coming to you this December! Silver is the new gold and these 2 CDs tell the tale of gabber-nights and Promo-style future!


01. Counter attack
02. Ya gangsta music
03. Pressure on the fakes
04. Everything
05. What the fuck?
06. Can you thrill me?
07. Someone to hate
08. Lost minds
09. Feel the thunder
10. My claim to fame
11. Fuck the rumours
12. The new revolution
13. Broaden our minds
14. I called you
15. Beat ya brain again

01. Escape from the hostile
02. Brother of conflict
03. Messin' with yo mind
04. I hear ya comin'
05. Shit to die for
06. The industry can't stop me
07. 95% against me
08. Rockin' with the best
09. What u want
10. Bad boy style
11. Devastation of thought
12. Cheating bitch (dedicated)
13. Bass power
14. Toch welleuk
15. Shut up!

T3RDM0150 | format: 2CD

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