Thirteen upon mankind

Thirteen upon mankind

Armageddon Project

Post-apocalyptic beats, for mankind to enjoy: the Armageddon Project is here! Fresh into the year twenty thirteen, the Project delivers a solid trio of industrial tracks. Mastered to perfection, nothing less!

Sharp sounding, twisted tunes turn up and ready to unleash just the right amount of amok onto your eardrums. 'K-hole unfold', 'And yet did dare' and 'Thirteen upon mankind'. Marked by mysterious titles, these productions set the tone for a next-level trip. An industrial hardcore soundscape, featuring layers of distortion, beats and atmosphere. Magnificent amounts of high and low frequencies combine into the tracks that are. Pure energy.

Through the years, Armageddon Project has achieved to evolve their sound without losing that recognizable touch. True Armageddon tracks, right here!


1. K-hole unfold
2. And yet did dare
3. Thirteen upon mankind

T3RDM0201 | format: digital

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