Thunderdome 2007 Anthem EP

Thunderdome 2007 Anthem EP


A very special release this one! With both sides of this 12" featuring an exclusive trip to a legendary name of the hardcore scene.

Thunderdome anthem 2007
First up: Thunderdome, the hardcore event celebrating its 15th year in 2007! Promo and Drokz sat down in the studio to combine their styles and create two brand new tracks. The 'TD anthem 07' is the combination of recognizable samples from the past and Drokz picking up the mic one more time to shout a grunged Thunderdome at max volume! Die-hards know the score, when Drokz takes over you better follow along! Mixing it up with trademark Promo-kicks the message is clear' 'time to rock!'. The second track by Promo & Drokz should ring a bell, a malfunctioning one that is. 'Defective counter' is the result of a steady beat pulled through the rhythmic blender, Promo cutting the edits tight and Drokz using his characteristic voice to jump in where the broken BPM counter fails. Through the tracks the tempo increases slowly and they even took a bar apart to include some melody, 'Je weet toch.'

3 Steps Ahead remember remixes
Some hardcore artists don't need an introduction, and the classic example is 3 Steps Ahead! Any hardcore enthusiast knows the story of Peter Paul Pigmans, yet with a new generation coming up it's time to remember! What better way to stand still (while dancing) than with remixes of two great 3 Steps Ahead tracks: 'Drop it' and 'Money in my pocket'. Up for the task where not the least, the Italian duo Tommyknocker & Stunned Guys and TTMs' own Promo. The result: straight on goose-bumps, different twists on classic melodies and next generation hardcore kicks to thrill the audience! With a black cover featuring a glossy finish, this release is a definite keeper. A sleek design that - when light fall is just right - uncovers both the wizard and 3 Steps Ahead himself!


A1. Promo & MC Drokz - TD anthem 07
A2. Promo & MC Drokz - Defective counter
B1. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop it (Tommyknocker & Stunned Guys remix)
B2. 3 Steps Ahead - Money in my pocket (Promo remix)

T3RDM0135 | format: 12 inch

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