True Tones (vinyl sampler)

True Tones (vinyl sampler)


The blinding truth, a foresight into the future. Promo presents: True Tones! Set on a mission to take on hardcore in all its glory and darkness, Promo delivers with Style.

Limited at 250 pieces, this is the 3 x 12 inch vinyl edition of True Tones, featuring album tracks and a brand new addition to the Promo playlist as well as a personal message from the producer: No regrets (thank you)!


A1. The corrupt will destruct
A2. Methamfetamine
A3. The answer (feat Ominous)
B1. Valentina (feat Mortifer)
B2. My tone
C1. Analog (feat D-Passion)
C2. Far beyond
D1. Credit crunch
D2. Gloryfucker (feat D-Passion)
D3. Underground philosophy
E1. Conflict
E2. 100% pure
F1. Lyin' through your teeth (N-Vitral's Rebasher mix)
F2. No regrets (thank you)

T3RDM0194 | format: Album (3x12 inch)

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