Dedicated to the movement, D-Passion delivers the next step in his thriving line of hardcore exposures. D-Passions' 'Unstoppable'! With unrestricted beats and effective melodics the D-Passion sound continues to move in the loud direction. Featuring 4 solid tracks that no dance-floor can escape, this sheet of D-Passion vinyl hosts some of his most devastating work to date. 'Unstoppable', 'Realism' and 'People of faith', 3 quality tracks already responsible for a lot of attention in the scene. Enzyme residents Endymion grabbed the opportunity to remix 'Put things right', giving the track a twist towards their own typical hardcore sound. You can't stop the movement, you just change the moves. D-Passion declares a bold statement of hardcore mentality with this 12'. First in a new series, the D-Passion sound is ready to make the next move.


A1. D-Passion - Unstoppable
A2. D-Passion - Realism
B1. D-Passion - People of faith
B2. D-Passion - Put things right (Endymion remix)

T3RDM0134 | format: 12 inch

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