Versatile beats with awesome melodies, Dutch producer Emphasis created an impressive debut vinyl. 'Versatile' introduces this upcoming producer in many ways. First up on the vinyl is the track 'Bust your ass', already known since its inclusion on the Demolition 7 compilation. A dancefloor hit in the making! The 'Versatile' track provides a stable followup with a pure anthem-like breakdown, working back to a big climax and finishing of the a-side of this vinyl in style. The flipside continues on the 'Bust your ass'-vibe with a T-Junction and Osiris remix. Known for their pure hardcore sound, this remix is a great addition to the original mix. 'Are you ready' displays a different side of Emphasis. In your face, dancefloor hardcore at its finest.


A1. Emphasis - Bust your ass
A2. Emphasis - Versatile
B1. Emphasis - Bust your ass (T-Junction & Osiris remix)
B2. Emphasis - Are you ready ?

T3RDM0117 | format: 12 inch

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