Violate / Pride

Violate / Pride


A two-faced distraction, D-Passion style. Dropping gritty hardcore beats in both rough and melodic flavor, The Third Movement presents a brand new EP by Rik Gieling.

The latest in D-Passion studio disclosures contains two tracks: 'Violate' and 'Pride'. The subtle 'Violate' melody is sure to ensnare the senses, with its mood set right and vocals to boot, the track gradually build up towards straight-up hardcore beats. Featuring the well-known D-Passion edge, this is unmistakable revolt. Take 'Pride' in knowing that raw beats set up wall to wall can take on any speaker. Boosting drums, percussion and acidic hooks, this track keeps on haunting the production. The carefully layered sounds cast pure energy.

A true hardcore stomper to bridge any breakdown. What does Pride mean to you?


01. D-Passion - Violate
02. D-Passion - Pride

T3RDM0183 | format: 12 inch

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