War Crimes EP

War Crimes EP


Some crimes end up unpunished. Let this the exception, the War Crimes EP by Penta! A release uncovering the true unmerciful face of hardcore.

Penta has the ability to create some real dirty sounding beats. Rolling hardcore kicks, roughed up by snares and undocumented confrontations. Packing samples delivered right in your face. With layers of distortion delicately mixed into audio anarchy. Let's call the shots. The big sound that is 'War Crimes', which acts as needed when nobody else does. A 'Hiphop drop' from start to finish, a boss track ready to plunder the dancefloor. Or 'This will be worse', a twist to the sound you'd expect from this producer. Each and every beat solid throughout!

Penta presents the War Crimes EP. A black box containing hardcore kicks and audio attacks from all corners. Some might say, best left unopened. Others, devoured by curiosity, have less of a problem. You decide which side you belong to!


01. War Crimes
02. Hiphop Drop
03. This will be worse

T3RDM0257 | format: digital

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