War on teckno - r_AW 007

War on teckno - r_AW 007

Rude Awakening

Innovation never ceases to go astray. It's time to wake up to a different world! Rude Awakening returns with the 7th vinyl release in the r_AW series. It's time to let the battle begin with "WAR ON TECKNO".'Featuring 4 tracks, 2 of'which were'on the previously released Forward Observer album. As well as 2 brand new floorkillers,'both exposing a'dark and dirty industrial attitude. ' A'superb addition to the r_AW series. Guaranteed to cause damage on the dancefloor!


A1. Rude Awakening - Hummerstuntin'
A2. Rude Awakening - Wake up to a different world
B1. Rude Awakening - War on teckno (the kaoz theory)
B2. Rude Awakening - r_AW and uncut

T3RDM0101 | format: 12 inch

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