We do not lose

We do not lose

Matt Green

Corrupt Records' Matt Green drops a guest release at the TTM label without warning! Straight on loudness split between four tracks: 'We do not lose!'. Matt Green clearly focussed on rhythm and immovable hardcore kicks, leaving the melody lost between the ravages of his tracks. As a bonus, the title track was taken under close interpretation by N-Vitral, resulting in a smooth mid tempo industrial harcore creation. Marking the hard in hardcore, the scene demands more powerful tracks every day. Providing the heavy artillery to do so, this release tells one thing, and one thing only: 'We do not lose!'


A1. Matt Green - We do not lose
A2. Matt Green - We do not lose (N-Vitral remix)
B1. Matt Green - Self control
B2. Matt Green - Train of thought

T3RDM0126 | format: 12 inch

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