We who don't exist

We who don't exist

Dep Affect

Living far away from the Dutch hardcore scene does have its benefits! Australian artistry packed neatly on 12 inches of pure white vinyl. Uninfluenced and oozing with originality comes the third solo release by Dep Affect. 'We who don't exist' delivers 4 tracks by the Perth based producer with a bias for the techno side of industrial hardcore. After two solid releases Dep Affect took his innovative style even further into the unknown. Pounding kicks, funky percussion and samples placed with pinpoint precision. Tightly merged within the danceable rhythms the audio is stretched, bended, wrenched, distorted and revamped in ways indescribable! Sit back and enjoy the ride, Dep Affect takes control of the Industrial Movement'


A1. Dep Affect - We who don't exist
A2. Dep Affect - Behind my mind
B1. Dep Affect - Demonstration of denial
B2. Dep Affect - Walrus Worm

IM012 | format: 12 inch

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