Weapons of divine temper - Type Coral (008)

Weapons of divine temper - Type Coral (008)


Weapons of divine temper', the new Promo Type, is the kind of bullet armed with kicks and other forms of ferocity. Uplifting melodies change pace with the occasional industrial sound, while a tight selection of samples keeps the energy high. Following a now almost familiar concept: 2 dark tracks along 2 melodic, the 8th release in the Type serie perfectly represents the unique sound of Promo. Accessible and dark, without limits. Next to the title track, the productions 'Follow my movement' and 'Back on the map' are featured on this vinyl. The fourth track is a familiar one, this time in a updated form: file classic 'Running against the rules' D-Passion remix! While the original was known for its high pitched screaming sound, D-Passion took on a different angle with a more dancefloor orientated remix. This coral colored type delivers a fresh slice of hardcore kicks and vibrant atmosphere!


A1. Promo - Weapons of divine temper
A2. Promo - Running against the rules (D-passion remix)
B1. Promo - Follow my movement
B2. Promo - Back on the map

T3RDM0132 | format: 12 inch

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