Welcome 2 Brokenland

Welcome 2 Brokenland

Broken Minds

Step right up folks! Hurry up for a once in a lifetime show. The movement proudly presents: Welcome 2 Brokenland, a hardcore spectacular by Broken Minds. Stop what you're doing and listen. Tonight, the freaks come out to play!

Prepare for destruction as the macabre and the beautiful dance together. Join the festivities with the hardcore horror show that is Brokenland. A theme park for the wicked. Luring you in with promises of adrenaline, these rides go from cero to intenso in under one second. A carnival of devious tricks and haunted dreams presented by producers OMI and Rodrigo Bustamante. Featuring Promo, NeoX, Lady Damage and a 'Apocalyptic' remix by NeoX, the Spanish hardcore crew welcomes you. So don't be shy. Be prepared to witness the rise and fall of great powers. Illusion and truth, once opposite to each other, now carefully mixed to the point of no return. Boom!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Welcome 2 Brokenland. The full length album by Broken Minds. Delivering the Spanish hardcore sound with 2016 force, these tracks are made to move. So put on your dirty kicks, grab your most sleazy dress… it's time to get this show started!


01. Ride Alone
02. Smash The System (feat. NeoX)
03. NEIA
04. Northlands (feat. Promo)
05. Arabian Camel
06. Wake Up (feat. OMI)
07. Requiem (Album Edit)
08. Beast Guts (feat. Lady Dammage)
09. Switch The Game
10. Apocalyptic (NeoX Remix)
11. Go Away
12. You're Not Hardcore

T3RDM0254 | format: digital

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