Avoid The Light

Avoid The Light


The Third Movement

Avoid The Light if you don’t want to get bit! Nanostorm transcends into Third Movement territories with a brutal trip down the depths of the Mariana trench. Snap!

The deeper the ocean, the darker the water. And this deep sea tour is a lengthy one. Nanostorm drums up a fierce range of kick-ass drums to shake up critters in places you won’t expect. Nanostorms signature sound pierces like a damaged drill bit, keeping the pace up and the energy high.

Keep your eyes on the sonar or be in for a surprise. These beats are ravaging! Avoid The Light by Nanostorm. Best spread out and move or this hardcore stomper of a beast will find you!


01. Avoid The Light
02. The Pall of the Past World
T3RDM0348 Digital
Release date: July 2, 2021