Bite this

Bite this

Lost Origin

The Third Movement

Do you like to sink your teeth into hardcore? The kind of bass kicking, dance-floor moving beats that surprise? Well, then Bite this! The Third Movement welcomes Lost Origin. A young and talented UK producer, ready to uncover his view on hardcore.

Making his debut at the Movement among the Resistance album, a follow-up in the form of a solo EP was bound to happen. And so it is done! Andy Gorbould a.k.a. Lost Origin drops 3 brand new tunes, featuring the bare essentials of good hardcore: tight rhythms, strong melody and huge woofer trashing kicks. Next to 'Bite this', Lost Origin teamed up with Canadian vocalist Minckz to deliver a duo of vocal driven hardcore tunes. 'Everything to lose' and 'Beautiful', both haunting and mysterious. If you're not here for the message, then you're bound to enjoy the keys, the kicks, the all-around energy!

Lost Origin is known to keep his keyboard in clear sight when working in the studio, and this release demonstrates so. A new chapter for the mainstream minded. A hardcore page turner, if you will!


1. Bite this
2. Beautiful (feat. Minckz)
3. Everything to lose (feat. Minckz)
T3RDM0205 format: digital
Release date: April 16, 2013