Bomb Dem

Bomb Dem


The Third Movement

Open up a can of whoop-ass with Bomb Dem, the eDUB release worthy of its own threat level.

You’re entering a world of pain now! eDUB takes his destruction serious, and this EP is the de facto snare hit after the drum. Packing distortion and hard as nails kick drums, eDUB delivers two types of ammo. Bomb Dem and Crossweed (featuring Pezutek), each with their own approach to chaos. One is direct and as in-your-face as you’d hope, the other combines a sense of darkness with stacks of sweet, sweet noise.

Unleash your own thermo nuclear war with this kick-ass weaponry by eDUB. The E sets it up, you just press the big red button.


01. Bomb Dem
02. Crossweed (Ft. Pezutek)
T3RDM0326 Digital
Release date: December 16, 2019