Break Yourself

Break Yourself


The Third Movement

Frostbite is about to kill it with Break Yourself! Packing hardcore rhythms to cleanse the soul. Make yourself, don't break yourself. This EP is a story about healing the broken. Beats! The all-mighty triple of breakbeats, melody and hardcore kicks, delivering the ultimate power trip. How’s that for a self-healing plan? Dropping sick snares, kicks and hi-hats at serious tempo, Frostbite unleashes one hell of a tune. Two even, with Boom diving head on into the mainstage with a dancefloor 500-pounder ready to make the beat go: BOOM. Hardcore funk, ripping it up! Frostbite smashes it out of the park with Break Yourself. Two tunes that mix and match with any set, delivering that instant high to the crowd. Kill it!


01) Break Yourself
02) Boom
Release date: May 20, 2022