Void Settler

The Third Movement

Blending otherworldly storytelling with hardcore kicks and breaks, Void Settler is about to tell the tale of Corrode. A rust filled adventure that aims to move and overcome.

Look what the alley cat dragged in! It’s Void Settler bringing his unique combination of fantasy and cutting edge electronics. There’s a certain mystery when beats jump up and down at one point and come to a grinding halt the next. Leave reality behind. Voltaic Cell, Tenvolt, Perpetual Gardens, Corrosive Node, Stasis, Components of Decay and Fadesmith define the path to pursue.
Void Settler and the creative army of alter-ego’s take on a quest to devour the world of rust. Slow and steady, kick drums lead the way through gloomy swamps and undiscovered realms. If percussion doesn’t control you, the panning voices surely will. Drawn by rot, the tainted road ahead is the only way forward. Rage, as joints begin to twist and turn.

Escaping the norm can be quite liberating. Follow Void Settler down the path of discovery and he’ll show you every nook and cranny the narrative side of hardcore has to offer. Corrode! And rust some more.


01. Voltaic Cell
02. Tenvolt
03. Perpetual Gardens (Ft. Labyrinth)
04. Corrosive Node
05. Stasis
06. Components of Decay (Ft. Eiro)
07. Fadesmith (Ft. Sandling)
Release date: June 5, 2020