The Wishmaster

The Third Movement

Why should you sacrifice yourself for the system? The Wishmaster prefers to kick against some pillars of society and presents us his brand new Cyberpunk EP. The digital two tracker starts with some futuristic bits, bites and basses and slowly but surely emerge a rebel feeling. Once your mind takes over it is common that "Nervous Breakdown" occurs and unleashes pure euphoria. The
variety of octaves on this track make sure The Wishmaster stands out of the crowd. No words would be good enough to truly describe this master piece. You have to listen to it yourself and let the disobedient punk in you arise!

Mastering: Da Goose Music


01 The Wishmaster - Cyberpunk
02 The Wishmaster - Nervous Breakdown
T3RDM0177D format: Digital release
Release date: July 9, 2011