Default Damager

Default Damager


The Third Movement

Deliver the GRRR in damage, with this heavy N-Vitral track: Default Damager! Who do you turn to when standards need to be redefined? When new levels of loudness are required? Check, N to the V! Mr. N-Vitral, up to the task with a brand new bag of tricks. Exemplify and rave to the sound of this prime cut of hardcore goodness. Smoked and aged to perfection, Default Damager is the tune to grab you by the neck and kick you straight into the hardcore zone. N-Vitral releases come in all kinds of shapes and forms. Default Damager is the new boilerplate to instantly kick up some dust. Adjust your expectations and get this rave going!


01. Default Damager
T3RDM0297 Digital
Release date: May 14, 2018