Destructive Elderlies

Destructive Elderlies


The Third Movement

Get the manager on the phone, Frostbite is about to get Destructive Elderlies! Is that a crew of
zombies? Nope, just your elderly home on the rise. Swinging their walkers way up high. Kick, kick, kick- drum. This force isn’t about sending out some anonymous hate from behind a white picket fence, this is full on Karen. Boomers are about to self-destruct! Frostbite drops the breeze on the living corpses. Shake some hardcore into them elderly bones, these beats are not for the faint hearted. Frostbite is killing it with Destructive Elderlies / By My Side. So spike your pacemaker with a fresh set of batteries and get destructive!


1) By My Side
2) Destructive Elderlies
T3RDM0352 Digital
Release date: August 27, 2021