The Third Movement

Join in on the battle between good and evil with the Devil EP. As D-Passion travels beyond the dark and beyond, hardcore statements are made and proven with ease.

D-Passion made sure to include some extra heavy kicks in this 'Devil' takedown. Don't let the tempo fool you! Combining hardcore percussion with a gloomy atmosphere, D-Passion delivers a soundtrack to lose your mind to. Up goes the tempo and in comes the kick. Combining studio skills with Promo for 'Deepest Fear', the hunt continues. With a breakdown surely to capture the unbeliever, fear takes on form. Powerful beyond measure. How would Blacklist Amok sound when Meccano Twins get their say? Find out, as this originally slow and dirty tracks gets the 2013 make-over. Keep the dirt, increase the pitch. Hardcore Italia influx, deal with it! In the wake of his solo event and as a thank you to all followers of his sound, D-Passion put his anticipation into ' Let the world resonate '. Available as bonus track, an essential D-Passion kick-driven tune that will surely find its place among playlists. Destruction!

Along the path of rugged hardcore kicks and catchy hooks, the 'Devil' can be found in every corner. A release full of dance-floor potential. With all kinds of tempo brutally joined by fierce D-Passion hardcore kicks. Full of energy and dripping in darkness, a cocktail for the hardcore minded!


01. Devil
02. Deepest fear (feat. Promo)
03. Blacklist Amok (Meccano Twins remix)
04. Let the world resonate (bonus track)
T3RDM0209 format: digital
Release date: July 26, 2013