Distortion Matters

Distortion Matters

Sacerdos Vigilia

The Third Movement

Louder! Crank the volume open with Distortion Matters, the noisy album by Sacerdos Vigilia. Ready to revive your inner industrial hardcore!
From the spicy funk that is Tabasco Viscosity to the deliciously distasteful intensity of Distortion Matters, Sacerdos Vigilia uses the album format to play with tempo, style and all things electronically glorious. You're in for a trip where one preset is the holy grail. The stir in the melting pot of movement. We're talking distortion, baby! From 1 to 11 and then some, Sacerdos Vigilia knows how to dosage the dirt like a chef. A pinch here, a tablespoon there. A truckload right in between bass drum and snare. These beats bang!


1) Beafuzz and Basshead
2) Tabasco Viscosity
3) Masterbus Massacre
4) Hachelknook
5) Slam
6) Sonic Asylum
7) Aufmerksamkeitsdefizithyperaktivitätsstörung
8) Technosapien
9) Distortion Matters
10) The Industrial Noise Situation (Daniela Haverbeck Remix)
11) That Tone
12) Penumbra
13) Lijn 295
14) Distortion Matters (Rectified by Embrionyc)
15) Sinusoidal Depleneration
Release date: October 7, 2022