Forecast EP

Forecast EP


The Third Movement

This just in, Wavolizer releases a brand new two-tracker on The Third Movement. Forecast by Wavolizer, a demonstration of hardcore skill. An exercise in distortion.

Dancing on the tight-rope between dance floor and experiment, Wavolizer delivers hardcore sunshine in the form of non-stop kicks and witty vocals. Industrial with a smile, just as intended. 'Forecast' and 'Killer instinct' how off the cunning skill that is Wavolizer. A sound with a twist. You never know what's coming. Just as well be prepared for everything when these tracks hit the fan.

Heck, like a moody late summer storm, these beats flash and thunder at one moment and poor rain the very next. Scary? Nothing less. Nothing stand between you and this hard-hitting EP, so take the risk and fall. Deep into the pits of hardcore. The Forecast? How about sunny, with a chance of go f#ck yourself. With regards, Wavolizer.


01. Forecast
02. Killer Instinct
T3RDM0263 format: digital
Release date: August 8, 2016