Fuck God

Fuck God

Igneon System

The Third Movement

Stand up and pay total attention! Igneon System uncovers his debut EP at The Third Movement.

A set of unexpected beats to shake up the crowd. No matter the crisis, the industrial driven tempo picks up as Igneon's thick beats delve deeper into the underground. Through his tracks, the Belgian producer unveils his roots as a drum 'n bass dj in hardcore conduct. By carefully picking elements from both the breaks and hardcore genres, Igneon System delivers his raw material up on the stand. Mixing vocal samples with a solid base of kicks like a studio turntablist, the tracks have become dance-floor intense. Creating some not to be missed productions, these tools of audio warfare are fixed and set for impact.

The release contains 3 original tracks by Igneon System, as well as a special Mindustries rendition of the track 'Fuck god'. In this remix, the The Hague duo treated the source material with respect and converted it into a catchy hook that keeps on ringing in your head by force of percussion and out of this world vibe.


01 Demonic possession
02 Crisis Situation
03 Fuck God
04 Fuck God (Mindustries remix)
T3RDM0182 format: 12 inch
Release date: October 25, 2011