Future Incognito

Future Incognito

The Dj Producer


After more than 15 years The legendary Dj Producer returns with a full length album. Twelve tracks all about the future that is hiding right under our nose. Luke McMillan provides his familiar signature sounds in a futuristic collection of hardcore beats. He lived the Future Incognito, and is ready to show us what’s to come.


01. Killing Time
02. Cautionary Tales
03. Reference Points
04. Four Twenty Seven
05. The Path of Self-Realisation
06. The Sound of a …
07. Lost Dark Arts
08. Back to the Oldskool
09. Future Incognito
10. Forward Trajectory
11. Separation from God
12. Positive Outlook (Recalibrated)
HERESY023 Digital + CD + Vinyl
Release date: October 29, 2018