In For The Kill

In For The Kill


The Third Movement

In For The Kill, out with a bang! Dither adds another notch to his kill streak with this brand new hardcore banger.

This one’s for the mosh pit, the thrill seekers. Deprived of their booming sound systems, the socially awkward turn towards this piece of audio on a mission to collect body tags. Embrace energy in its hardest of forms. Piercing kickdrums and screeching synths wreck havoc as Dither tears you a new one. Simply put: this is loudness wrapped in a shiny warning label.

The demolition crew presents another smash for the trenches: In For The Kill. Full metal hardness! Blast away that pandemic remorse with this semi-auto. Remove safety, pull the trigger and blast away!


01. In For The Kill
T3RDM0337 Digital
Release date: November 27, 2020