Inside Symphony

Inside Symphony


Promo Test

Keep the heads ringin’ with the Inside Symphony! A Promo tune ready to dig itself deep into your brain.

Can you hear that? A melody in your head, day in day out. The sound of drums kicking and claps on the edge of distortion. Bells, vocals. The works. That’s your Inside Symphony! A Promo tune to rock your world. Going wherever you go, playing whenever you play. It’s a rush, a hardcore feeling hitting the tips of your toes as kick drums join the party.

Promo’s Inside Symphony delivers the bass and the treble. Ready to rule the dance-floor. In Original and Thunder mix, dropping a breakbeat twist that effectively delivers the Gabber feel you’re aching for.


01. Inside Symphony (Original Mix)
02. Inside Symphony (Thunder Mix)
PROTEST006 Digital
Release date: September 24, 2018