Rude Awakening

r_AW Records

Let he who is without distortion cast the first stone! The Third Movement presents 'Judas', the album by Rude Awakening. It's the return of the original rudeboy, delivering industrial rawness like none other.

If this is betrayal, then turn the other cheek and welcome it with open arms. Behold the next audio experiment at the hands of Rude Awakening. Mixing industrial hardcore with subgenres, r_AW takes on its most subtle of forms. The heavy-hitting kick drums are merged and layered with careful selected samples, effects and all types of deceit. Awaken and behold the uncommon. A free form experiment into the deeper corners of industrial, hardcore and techno. Rude Awakening is known to get the distortion filters overheating, and these tracks are no exception. Clear cut to create mayhem in the mix, Rude Awakening delivers his view on dark and distorted beats. A gospel of hardcore rhythm is the result. New levels of tension and unexpected twists in skilled form. Full frontal impact guaranteed. This raw gospel is ready to be spread amongst its followers. Be part of the rebellion! No need to choose between good and evil when you can have both.

Delivering its modern interpretation, 'Judas' takes on all shapes and forms. A r_AW rave ready to drop, an atom bomb among blanks. After a short hiatus, Rude Awakening returns with over an hour of brand new material. Packing samples subjected to fear, truth and hope, the religion preached is clear: industrial hardcore. Classic Rude Awakening!


01. Not to doubt
02. The fallen empire
03. Original rudeboy
04. My turn to lead
05. Spies
06. Face of the deep
07. Full frontal attack
08. Atombomb
09. In command
10. The awaken
11. Reduced to dust
12. Malfunction
13. Atheism
14. Uncommon
15. Blasphemy
T3RDM0213 format: CD
Release date: October 23, 2013