Just Noize

Just Noize


The Third Movement

Max out your dance and twist your kicks over this: Hard-Tex, Just noize! Dancing on the thin distorted line between hardcore and melody, Hard-Tex jumps up and hits hard.

New to The Third Movement, Mario de Wit has been at work during the dark hours of the day fine-tuning his personal brand of hardcore. Screeching melody lines pick you up and drop you down, right before the kick drops and pain sets in. The digital kind of distortion combined with a solid hardcore 4/4 perfected to deliver adrenaline. Now is the time to take it to the next level. Hard-Tex’s proof of concept: ‘Just Noize’ and ‘Catastrophy’. Two slamming tracks packed on one EP ready to make you dance!

Melody, kick-drums and hard hitting rhythm: this is Hard-Tex. Write that name down, you’ll be hearing a lot more of him in the not so distant future!


01. Just Noize
02. Catastrophy
T3RDM0288 Digital
Release date: December 4, 2017