The Third Movement

On a rampage! The Spanish hardcore armada sets sail towards domination. Busting kicks, breaking eardrums. The latest maneuver? 'Legend', a definition of hardcore brought to you by Undercore!

Facing forward, Undercore reveal their plans. First move, the solid tune that is 'Legend'. Featuring big heroic melodies, stretching far and beyond. Dirty hardcore drums, taking the elements straight into the mix. On the flipside, 'Looking for a way' is the path. Surrounding female vocals, an endless symphony is waiting to unfold. Shrouding words with melody and stacks of percussions, this wall of hardcore sounds hits the breakdown straight on. These Undercore productions drip energy. There's no lying here: dance-floors are positively doomed.

Accessible and intense, Undercore set the pace for the mainstream-minded. An unknown name, a brand-new hardcore duo bringing it without further delay. The moment is now!


01. Legend
02. Looking for a way
T3RDM0212 format: digital
Release date: October 3, 2013