Lost Cosmonaut

Lost Cosmonaut

Smile Demon

The Third Movement

Shriek! A cry for help from the dark emerges. A fierce yell calling from outer space. It's the Lost Cosmonaut. Smile Demon drops a hardcore telling that questions the very nature of this panic call. Is it a cry for help or are we stepping into a death trap?

Packing the evilest of grins, Smile Demon brings his storytelling in dark and distorted ways. A tale about doom and the paradox that is death. The sci-fi tale is followed up by the Colossus. A hardcore legend to be told by campfires, embracing the gloom of an imminent threat. Hear the drums waking up adrenaline. It's time to face your destiny


1) Lost Cosmonaut (Original Mix)
2) Colossus (Original Mix)
Release date: January 13, 2023