Make It Work

Make It Work


The Third Movement

Gear up, Dither is about to Make It Work! Pick up the pace, keep your hardcore head up and join the nightly grind.

Destroying kicks is hard work and who better to lighten the burden than the one that is Dither. Powerful and steady, Make It Work is a hardcore track that grabs you by the neck and pushes you into the pit without avail. Things are about to get dirty! Slip and the soundsystem will spit you out like a tasteless piece of chewing gum on a slow monday morning. So best have some fun while you’re at it. Let’s play some Dither and get cracking!

Make It Work is the list of chores about to get annihilated. Distorted from top to bottom, this sharp piece of Dither audio is ready to get your sweat on.


01. Make It Work (Original)
02. Make It Work (Radio Edit)
T3RDM0314 Digital
Release date: June 3, 2019