eDUB & The Straikerz

The Third Movement

Gather all lunatics! Here’s some sick music for your twisted braincage: the Maniacs EP by eDUB & The Straikerz. Pushing Spanish beats to boost your adrenaline!

When the Maniacs Get Loose, you know the Speakers are in for a treat. And that’s exactly what this EP offers. Pure energy, captured like a raging bull with its 4x4 rhythm. Screeching synths and solid kicks keep you motivated from drum to drop and back. Don’t be fooled by raw monikers, each of the three tracks keeps the kicks loud and the distortion level up. So take a trip to the asylum and dance. Dance to your inner weirdo!

eDUB & The Straikerz hook up for a maniacal combo of hardcore kicks and edits. The Maniacs EP is a surefire blow in a storm of sound and shattered drums. Ready your madness and get wicked!


01. Maniacs
02. Get Loose
03. Speakers
T3RDM0298 Digital
Release date: June 4, 2018