Never Give Up

Never Give Up


The Third Movement

One look in the mirror is all it takes! Never Give Up by Resolute. A name uncharted, coming to you with the massive hardcore sound.

With a name yet unheard, it doesn’t mean this producer is new to the game. Resolute his Russian roots can be heard sipping through the tracks like a subtle vodka with a big kick afterwards. A mix of melody and bass drums, served on ice. Cold and in good spirits. ‘Never give up’ features that big piano sound, hardcore can deliver so well. Packing a whole lotta bass, this one is going to make you move. ‘I’m coming for you’ is a different story. Just wait for the first kick to hit and listen to floods of distortion hitting the walls. Finishing up the Resolute intro is Promo’s remix of the title track. Mr. Accessible Dark manages to give the vocals an even bigger impact: let’s do this for the ears, let’s do this for the noise!

There’s no doubt about it, when in dire need all it takes is some perseverance. A little fight with your ego. Never Give Up is the motto, Resolute hardcore the sound.


01. Never Give Up
02. I'm Coming for You
03. Never Give Up (Promo remix)
T3RDM0281 Digital
Release date: June 5, 2017