Perfect Education

Perfect Education

Miyuki Omura

The Third Movement

Kick out the dumb with Perfect Education, a Japanse treat delivered by Miyuki Omura. Dropping the dark one kick at a time. Edgy rhythms and doomed at times. Miyuki combines a high tempo with breaks and lots of atmosphere. Dive deep into neo Tokyo to discover the hardcore truth. A Perfect Education! Combined with I Hate You, these two tracks shed a new light on hardcore from the land of the rising sun. Packing a punch, Miyuki’s beats unveil the inner rebel. So join in on this group f*ck you session and point up your middle fingers way up high. Bullocks! If you need power, better tune into Miyuki Omura. A Japanese pearl of hardcore perfection. Cutting up rhythms with precision, this Perfect Education teaches you everything you need to know.


1) Perfect Education (Original Mix)
2) I Hate You (Original Mix)
Release date: August 26, 2022