We are a proud and honoured to present you the long awaited very first full length album by DJIPE. With his distinct and creative sound you will be forced to imagine chaos through the prism of DJIPE. This groundbreaking album will take you on a trip through many genres such as Industrial techno, breakcore, ambient, hardcore & drum’n’bass which blend together in a way it can only bring you 2 choices. Will it reflect or will it split your light into components with different polarizations. Prism by DJIPE contains 16 new tracks including collaborations with Ophidian, The Outside Agency, Igneon System, Iridium, Nagazaki, Deluge of Sound & The Purge.


01) Maze of Machinery
02) No More Voices
03) A Puzzle Of Flesh
04) Requesting Backup
05) Unaltered (Feat. Ophidian)
06) Operation II (Feat. The Purge)
07) Broken Box
08) Out Of Body Experience
09) Desert Woman (Feat. Nagazaki)
10) A Stone Called Killer (Feat. The Outside Agency)
11) Prism (Mystery of Time and Space)
12) Mantra
13) Bass 2 the Neckline (Feat. Igneon System)
14) Astral Strike (Feat. Iridium)
15) God Meltdown
16) 1000 Smokes (Feat. Deluge Of Sound)
Release date: November 26, 2021