Proof Of Concept

Proof Of Concept

Art Is Dead

The Third Movement

Provocative, bold, mesmerizing! Drop all expectations: Art Is Dead - Proof Of Concept

Sometimes you hear a tune and there’s just something you can’t quite grasp. Something unpredictable, unclear. Unsettling even. Listen to the Art Is Dead’s debut and discover the exquisite appeal of bluntness for yourself! Art Is Dead surely knows how to incite some anger in his music. Leave your assumptions at the door and destroy the canvas. Bring Ur Fkn Sh#t and Bounce It give little to nothing. And it’s this attitude that makes the music both repulsive and alluring.

A deadly take on artistry, Proof Of Concept is the middle finger in a handful of don’t give a fks. Art Is Dead, write that name down.


01. Bounce It
02. Bring Ur Fkn Sh!t
T3RDM0317 Digital
Release date: July 22, 2019