Real Rude

Real Rude

The Wishmaster & Promo

The Third Movement

Propose, oppose, and dispose with this 'Real rude' hardcore smash by The Wishmaster & Promo! Italian energy and Dutch hardcore meeting each-other face to face in two tracks the duo created together. Rudely coming to you with rigid skill, stacked synths and hall-devouring kicks. Booming the b-side are 'Time to rise up' by Promo and 'Bottle' by The Wishmaster, leaving nothing to the imagination when it comes to expressing ones aggressive attitude. A slice of hardcore mastery, here's the moment to revolt.


A1 The Wishmaster & Promo - Real rude
A2 The Wishmaster & Promo - Stomp me
B1 Promo - Time to rise up
B2 The Wishmaster - Bottle
T3RDM0163 format: 12 inch
Release date: April 26, 2010