Stolen Cult

The Third Movement

Come for the swearing, stay for the hardcore! Press play and be amazed by Stolen Cult and his S1CK F4CK EP.

No, this is not a password. This is the handle of a S1CK as F4CK EP! A release packed with 4 tracks each devastating in their own way. From S1CK F4CK, a course in self-reflection at mid-tempo to hardcore currency that is Cash Money. Stolen Cult surprises! Also including a crash course in digital narcotics with Move That Dope and the alter-ego revelation that is The Noises Of Nature by Dark Matter Space Assembly, Stolen Cult opens up a crisp can of bass and sound.

Pushing drumming kicks topped with distortion you can almost taste, the sound is intense, big and diverse. Stolen Cult drops a strong EP, ready for consumption. Fresh!


01. S1CK F4CK
02. Cash Money
03. Move That Dope
04. Dark Matter Space Assembly -The Noises Of Nature
T3RDM0323 Digital
Release date: November 11, 2019